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2019 Athletic Membership Application
I/We the undersigned agree to purchase an athletic membership to Anirav Swim Club according to the rate schedule listed below. Upon acceptance of this application by the Anirav Board, we agree to abide by all bylaws, rules, and regulations that govern the Anirav Swim Club. Please be sure to complete this form, the emergency form, and the registration form, along with your payment.

Athletic Membership: $40     See terms below:

This athletic membership is a limited membership. It entitles the member access to the pool during swim practices, home swim meets, and other swim team sponsored events. Swimmers are expected to exit the pool area within 15 minutes of each practice. Please see a pool board member if you would like to join Anirav pool with a full membership. 

Full Name: 

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**Application may be rejected if the undersigned or their family members owe Anirav Swim Club for prior years **

Parent or Guardian Signature:                                                                                      Date:
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