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Are you a member and want to bring a guest?! The more the merrier but remember all guests MUST be accompanied by a member in good standing and signed in properly.
Here's the details:

Guests Fees:
$5 guest fee payable before entering pool property. Violators of this policy will not be able to use the pool facility for a period of one year.

Planning to bring guests throughout the summer!?  We have 10 guest passes available for a discounted price of $40.  
Guest passes cannot be accumulated from past years. 

Out of town guest(s):
(100 miles) free with valid identification, for a period not to exceed 1 week (7 consecutive days).

Have a summer guest living in your home? 
  Add them to your membership for the summer for an additional $50 per person for the season

If you sit for a child on a regular basis, you may add them for $50 for the season.
If you have a regular daily sitter for your MEMBER child, you may add the sitter for $50 for the season.
*Must be 15 years or older to be considered a babysitter*
 ** In both cases, sitter and child MUST accompany one another **

Grandparents are welcome to visit Anirav Swim Club anytime they are with their grandchild  (who is a member of the Swim Club) free of charge!

2021 Membership Information

                                       Family Membership                      $450.00              
                                       Couple Membership                     $305.00
                                       Single Membership (18+)             $250.00 
                                       Individual Senior Membership(60+)  $205.00
                                 Everyone gets the "early bird special" this season 
           New member registration fee $100*--waived for 2021

**2021 Membership Applications must be accompanied with emergency contact forms & payment
                Mail Completed forms to: 
                    Anirav Swim Club 
                     P.O. Box 50116
         Richmond, Virginia 23250-0116  
Please read!
Use the documents below to print and mail in all membership forms:
Make sure to send the waiver with all applications.
(See definition below.)
The definition of a family for the purposes of a membership with Anirav Pool is no more than two adults and their dependent children (age 23 or younger), who are permanently residing together as a single family/financial household unit within a residence that is their fixed and principal home.
If you want to print out and hand write your application, download this PDF.